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Professional Counselling in Thiruthangal Nadar College, is an innovative initiative with the objectives of:

  • Helping the students to manage their psychological problems more effectively and develop the unused and underused opportunities more fully.
  • Capacity building of Mind in Higher Education and National development through the various programmes offered.

In this pursuit, need based individual and group counselling (Voluntary/Referrals by the Principal/Heads of the Departments/Mentors/Parents) is given in the following focus areas: Lack of concentration/ attending skills/ lack of motivation/ lack of goals/ time management/ fear/ anger/anxiety/ guilt/ low self esteem/ passive aggressive behaviours/depression/ interpersonal relationships/stress/conflict resolution/ friendship/peer pressure/sexual problems/suicide ideations and attempts etc,. A simple assessment is done with the help of DSM IV and the records are maintained. Special talks are arranged on Human Relation Skills, Life Skills, Personality Development, Self Awareness, Interpersonal Relationships, Body Language, as the Departments and Service Organizations require on special occasions.

Mrs. K. Saradha Devi – M.S.W., M.Sc., NET,

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