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Grievance Cell

Grievance Redressal Function:
  • Grievance redressal is a communication that expresses the dissatisfaction about the deficiency in services of an institute or the complaints which asks for remedial action.
  • The Students express their dissatisfaction with reference to infrastructure, basic amenities, teaching methodologies etc.
  • Identification, analysis of the grievance, problem solving and strengthening good relationship.
  • Detect the flaws in the college premises and take up the corrective measures.
  • Build good morale, maintain code of discipline and develop the faith of the students.
  • Investigation and handle each case by talking to the student individually to identify the student expectation.
  • Examining and determining the witnesses and assessing it in proper time.

1Dr. S.Murugesan - PrincipalConvener
2Dr. K.C. Lalithambika - Vice Principal and Head, Dept. of EnglishCo-Convener
3Prof.S. Asaithambi - Vice Principal and Head, Dept. of Corp. SecretaryshipCo-Convener
4P.T. Kasthuri Bai - Head, Dept. of Computer ScienceMember
5Dr. R. Vijayalakshmi - Head, Dept. of PhysicsMember

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