Selavayal, Near Kannadasan Nagar, Chennai - 600051

Indoor Auditorium

An Indoor Auditorium with a capacity of 1,000 seats and a separate block for U.G. and P.G. courses in the first and second floor of the auditorium were constructed. The building is named after S.M. Gurusamy Nadar and G. Valliammal and the auditorium stands in the name of M.G. Erulangudi Nadar and E. Valliammal.

The present infrastructure is optimally used by the beneficiaries of the college. An open air auditorium with a marbled floor with EPI coated roofing and an accommodation of 2,000 students has been constructed for the students to exhibit their exorbitant skills and to cater to their other needs. Substantial investments have been made to augment existing infrastructure.

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